Grace Church Alexandria closed permanently and ceased operations on May 6, 2018. Please read a heart-felt thank you letter here. We close with gratitude to the Lord Jesus for ten grace-filled years of ministry in Alexandria.

When You Arrive

When you arrive, you’ll find coffee by the Connect Station. You can drop your children off at GraceKids starting at 10:20 am, where they’ll be taken care of and participate in a lesson on the gospel.

How We Worship

At 10:30 am we begin our gathered worship with a call to worship–a Scripture passage re-telling truth about God. We sing songs and hymns new and old to give us a greater vision of God. Prayers and Scripture readings direct our thoughts to God.

For an idea of the typical music we use, we’ve created a Spotify playlist with songs that we sing most often:

You’ll also hear a sermon from the Bible by Lead Pastor Jonathan Matías or another pastor. Through expository preaching, we unfold the meaning of the passage, provide practical application, and point you to the person and work of Christ.

Come Worship With Us!

We often celebrate the Lord’s Table and conclude with a hymn, a time of personal reflection, and a benediction. We warmly invite you to come and find a place you can call home.