For 11 soaring chapters, the Apostle Paul has guided us to behold the wonders of God’s grace to us in Christ. Now, in the remaining 5 chapters, Paul lays out a vision for how we should live because the gospel is true. Paul describes how the Spirit-backed message of Jesus has a powerful transformative effect wherever it takes rook—in a heart, a community, or a congregation.

Verses 1 and 2 are a call to action. They are a call to give yourself to God who has done so much for you.

(1) God has been – – immeasurably kind to us (v. 1).
(2) Offer Everything You Are and Everything You Have To Him (v. 1).
(3) Don’t Cave to a World System That’s On Its Way Out (v. 2)
(4) Allow Christ To Transform Your Inner Life (v. 2)