GCA Sermon Discussion Guide

Pastor Garrett Lee has written a handy sermon discussion guide to help you get the most out of sermons at Grace Church. View and download it here. I’m a big fan of this tool Garrett has created! I believe it will help you get the most out of the Bible.

Sermon Discussion Guide – Grace Church of Alexandria by gracealexandria

How To Use The Guide

This study aid is a practical tool to use for personal, family, or small group settings. Use the guide to:

  1. Lead your community group in applying the latest sermon;
  2. For personal application, apply a sermon to yourself by using the guide.
  3. For your family devotions, discuss Sunday’s sermon from GCA.


Four elements make this a highly effective tool to use for applying God’s Word to your life as expounded and preached to you in your local church setting.


1. Major Biblical Events Grid: The colorful timeline on the back draws your attention to the plan of God for history and where that particular sermon & passage rests in that plan. Does it teach you about creation and fall, exodus and conquest, exile and return, death and resurrection, or return and consummation?

2. About the Sermon: The opening section helps put your mind around the sermon by leading you to state the big idea of what you heard preached.

3. About the Passage: The next section leads you to think about God in Trinitarian terms and about the gospel and its relevance to your life.

4. About the Body: This final section reminds us that spiritual growth is a community event. God doesn’t intend for you to live out the Christian life in a vacuum, but rather closely connected to other Christians.  This section leads you in applying the passage to yourself and to your relationships in your local church.

Give the guide a try.