Online Giving

You can give an offering to the church online via The City, from The City’s iPhone and Android app, or on Sundays in the offering box at the Connect Table. If you don’t have an account on The City, request an invite. We give as an act of worship to bring praise to our Redeemer and God (2 Corinthians 9:6-11).

Give Online

How to Give Online

  1. Choose a fund to give to:

    The General Fund – for regular offerings

    The GCA Future Fund – to outfit a building, hire staff, and other future initiatives

    The GCA Adoption Fund – funds adoptions and training for adoptive families

  2. Choose a method of payment

    We recommend you give via checking/savings account since the church incurs a lower administrative fee for gifts by checking/savings account ($.25 per gift) than by credit card (2.75% + $.40 per gift).

  3. Choose how often to give

You can give a one-time gift or set up a recurring gift that repeats weekly or monthly.

The Heart of Giving

Giving is an act of worship that brings honor and praise to the LORD. To maintain a heart of worship, consider taking time to reflect and pray when you give online. If you set up automatic giving once a month, consider scheduling a time to reflect and pray on each day you give.


See the church staff or Treasurer Jen Wilk.