No counselor has all the answers to your questions, but at Grace Church, we long to hear about your life, learn about who you are, listen to what you need help with, and offer counsel and prayer grounded in God’s truths. Our desire is never to give you pat Christian answers to complex life problems and situations. Rather, we hope to walk alongside of you for as long as you need. Through the process of walking with you, we will always strive to remind you of God’s character and promises as they are relevant to your life.

Grace Church’s pastors provide counseling, and our church also has a partnership with the biblical counselors of Heart Song Counseling. Please feel free to contact any of our counselors directly, or to work through Grace Church of Alexandria’s leadership for a referral.


Alex Schuh

schuhAlex and her husband Nate live in Washington, D.C. Alex was born in Honduras but emigrated to the US as a toddler. Although she was raised in a Christian home, it wasn’t until college that she truly understood the gospel and its transforming power and everyday implications. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in International Studies, Alex moved to the D.C. area to work for International Justice Mission (IJM). While working at IJM, she pursued a M.A. in Biblical Counseling at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It is now her privilege to counsel and walk alongside others who are hurting. Alex loves to read, travel, study different cultures and history, and spend time with friends and family.

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