Left to right: Garrett Bess, Jonathan Matías, Ron Bean, Michael Collins, Dave Ruse, Andrew Janeiro, Garrett Lee, Elizabeth Wiebe (not pictured)


Jonathan Matías, Lead Pastor

Jonathan Matías, son of a missionary family from Guatemala, Central America, has served as Grace Church’s lead pastor since its founding in 2007. He’s married to his best friend Christy, and they have two sons through adoption. As lead pastor, Jonathan focuses on preaching, discipling, counseling, and overseeing the ministries of the church.

Prior to this, Jonathan was vice president of a web technology firm and completed a Master of Divinity degree (M.Div.) from Virginia Beach Theological Seminary. The Matíases can be found frequenting the area’s best coffee houses (Cervantes Coffee, Vigilante Coffee) and cheering with their kids in the Supporters Section at D.C. United soccer matches.

Garrett Lee, Pastor of Worship

As Pastor of Worship, Garrett Lee leads worship on Sundays, disciples the worship team, and leads a community group. In his spare time, Garrett enjoys reading good books, watching good movies, and drinking good coffee.

Garrett grew up in New Jersey in a family that loves God and the church. After high school, he went south for college and seminary. He married the love of his life, Amanda, and they’ve been blessed with four children. Since relocating with the team that launched Grace Church in 2007, Garrett has been working at a local non-profit that facilitates organ & tissue donation in the D.C. metro region. In his spare time, Garrett enjoys reading good books, watching good movies, and drinking good coffee.

Ron Bean, Pastor of Insight

Ron has served as a pastor, elder, Christian school principal and teacher for over 35 years. He started his pilgrimage in his home state of Maine before moving to Florida. In 2004 the Lord used Hurricane Ivan to move him to Virginia. He was eventually led to Grace Church where he now serves as Pastor of Insight. His wonderful wife Nancy serves in the Grace Church music ministry. They have two sons. Stephen is an officer in the United States Navy currently stationed in the Middle East and David is an actor in South Carolina.


Dave Ruse, Deacon of Membership

Dave lives in Alexandria with his wife and son, and works in D.C. as a web and mobile app designer for a financial services company. As Deacon of Membership, he oversees the membership process including running our class for prospective members.

What’s Membership?

Elizabeth Wiebe, Deacon of Women’s Discipleship and Growth

Elizabeth Wiebe, Vice President for Engagement at Christian Alliance for Orphans, serves the congregation by advising the pastors on the care of the women of Grace Church and coordinates women’s discipleship at the church.

Garrett Bess, Deacon of Member Care

Garrett Bess is married to his college sweetheart and they have two children. He is a native Floridian and works in D.C. as a political appointee. He serves as Deacon of Member Care, ensuring the needs of our church family are met.

Andrew Janeiro, Deacon of Ordinances & Operations

Andrew Janeiro lives in Fairfax and serves as Deacon over communion, baptism and Sunday operations at Grace Church.

Michael Collins, Deacon of Stewardship

Michael is a professional photographer and entrepreneur, originally from South Carolina. He oversees the annual budget process for Grace Church and advises the elders on financial matters.