What’s an Adoption Fund?

Grace Church of Alexandria is committed to “caring for orphans in their distress” (James 1:27) as a compassionate reflection of God’s loving heart. Lifelong For Orphans administers our fund at no charge to our congregation.

Grace Church’s Adoption Fund provides:

  • matching grants
  • interest free loans
  • fundraising support
  • crowdfunding platform
  • funds for pre- and post-adoption training.

Who Can Apply For Adoption Fund Assistance?

Members of Grace Church of Alexandria are eligible to apply for financial assistance from the church adoption fund. There are 2 easy steps.

  1. Fill out the application.
  2. Send your application to Lifesong for Orphans. Lifesong will process your request They will recommend your eligibility and an appropriate amount to our fund administrator, Pastor Garrett Lee.

How Do I Give To the Adoption Fund?

Give directly to Lifesong for Orphans, specifying that your gift goes toward Fund P386 Grace Church of Alexandria. P386 is GCA’s account number at Lifelong.

  1. Give online
  2. Mail a check to:
    Lifesong for Orphans
    Attn: Grace Church of Alexandria Adoption Fund P386
    P.O. Box 40
    202 N. Ford Street
    Gridley, IL 61744
    *Remember to specify that your gift is for Fund P386 Grace Church of Alexandria!

Your gift is tax-deductible. You can give to the fund generally, or you may specify that you wish for the gift to go toward a specific individual/family in Grace Church who is adopting. No administrative costs will be deducted from your gift, so 100% of what you give will help member families with the cost of adopting, which may include application fees, paying hospital costs of a baby’s birth, travel costs to another country, home study costs, etc.

Donations of $250 or more will automatically receive a tax receipt. If your gift is smaller and you would like a receipt, please request one with your gift. To give for a specific family, that family must already have an approved application at Lifesong – so check with the family before sending in your gift. Because of IRS tax law, Lifesong cannot promise that your gift will go toward a specific adoption, but Lifesong understands your preference in giving and has a history of honoring donor requests. PayPal takes a 2-3% admin fee for online donations.