Sunday May 6, 2018 will be the very last gathering of Grace Church of Alexandria before the church closes permanently.

9:30 am Special Meeting to Vote on Dissolving Grace Church

Members, please come at 9:30 am for a Special Meeting to vote on distributing remaining assets and dissolving the church. The resolutions to be voted on are being provided to you via email and The City. Note that the meeting will begin with a short and separate Members Meeting to consider one motion – a monetary amount to give to Garrett Lee for his service to the church.

10:30 am Celebration Worship Service

At 10:30 am, all worshipers are welcome for a final celebratory worship service together. Parents–note that GraceKids will not be operating on May 6, so that all members can take part in the celebration. A gated area with soft (quiet) toys will be set up in the back for young ones to play in. If you’re serving and need help watching your kids, ask fellow parents to help, as we can all work together to care for volunteer’s kids during the final service.

12:00 pm Send-Off Feast Featuring Rocklands BBQ

Stick around after the service for a send-off lunch which we plan to have catered by West End Alexandria favorite Rocklands BBQ! RSVP here  no later than Wednesday May 2, if you will stay for the dinner. We’ll dine outdoors under the portico, or in case of inclement weather, in the school cafeteria.

The Final Gathering of GCA

Sunday May 6 will be the final gathering of the church. A celebration service originally was considered for the following Sunday. However, since the next Sunday is Mother’s Day and many people already have plans for the holiday, the decision was made to vote and gather for the last time as a church on May 6. We regret that some of you will be away and not able to participate on this final day.

Helping to Close Down the Church

While GCA will no longer gather or function as a local church after May 6, there will be plenty to do to help close down the church as an organization: giving away supplies, distributing church equipment, packing up the church office, assisting the treasurer with paperwork, and much more. If you’d like to help, keep in touch with the Transition Team as they help close the church down.

Absentee Ballots

The Transition Team looked into allowing absentee and proxy voting for members who may are away on this day. However, church bylaws do not allow proxy or absentee ballots, so that votes can only be cast in person.

Soli Deo Gloria

We thank the Lord Jesus, who placed in us the burning desire to know Him and to make him know as a gospel outpost in the City of Alexandria. We give him praise for all that he has accomplished in Grace Church of Alexandria’s 10+ years. This work has been from Him, and through Him, and for Him from beginning to end (Romans 11:36)