Life Together Resumes This Sunday at 9:30 am

Life Together is a conversation we’re having as a church about being on mission for Christ in our city. We’re moving toward one another in love, encouraging each other as we serve Him, and dreaming of ways to reach our neighbors with the good news. Join in on the discussion this Sunday at 9:30 am. We’ll discuss the theme of “God’s Presence.”

Options for Kids During the Class

A game and coloring table are set up for kids, and a small gated area with toys for the littlest ones. Children’s Bible Class for ages 7-10 takes place at the same time in the library.

Stoking our Passion for God

If you wish to see God at work in our community, our church, and your heart, join us! Life Together stokes our passion, preparing us for the 10:30 worship service that follows. Life Together meets in the first room to the right after entering our building.