Autumn is here!! Fall is my favorite. If you’ve been attending our church for some time and have been here for one or more autumns, you may know that I always get more excited in promoting our fall events. Oh and Christmas too, but fall is a harbinger for Christmas, so even more bonus for it. What could be better than a cooling off from summer with crisp, clean air, the smell of pumpkin and warm spices in a cozy home, and wonderful fellowship with family and friends around a warm bowl (or five) of soup.

Come for all of this at our home on October 14th. [Well, I think I can promise all but the weather. Last time we had weather more fit for a barbecue, but the fellowship was still great]. Sign up on The City and note your favorite soup-y delicacy you’d like to contribute. Grace Church Alexandria will provide paper goods, but some like to bring muffin tins for ease of tasting all the delicious soups.

~ Stephanie Janeiro

Fall Soup Night
5 to 7 pm, Saturday, October 14
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