Should We Trust The Bible?

The whole Christian faith rises and falls on whether the Bible really is the supernatural Word of God, or simply a human document brimming with moral advice yet littered with errors. If you’re trying to decide whether to trust or not the Bible, start here: a series of 8 posts by my friend Dr. Dan Olinger, where he puts the Bible to the test to see if there really is Hard Evidence for a Supernatural Book.

Dan’s posts discuss the truth claims of the Christian Bible itself, commonly-reported errors in the Bible, the internal consistency of the Bible, prophecies of the Bible (that came true), and much more.

Welcoming Hard Questions

At Grace Church Alexandria, we welcome hard questions about the faith. If you’re wrestling with the validity of Christianity, the reliability of our sacred documents, or the truth claims of Jesus Christ, you’ve come to the right place. We work through these questions with our attenders, and frequently host honest, discussion-based sessions on the Christian faith like this one Is the Bible Reliable?  and this one on Gender and Sexuality.

So if you’ve got serious questions about Christianity, join us! You’ve come to the right place.

photo courtesy of Ryk Neethling via Flickr