Nominations Are Open for All Officer Roles

Know of a church member who would make a great treasurer, deacon, elder or secretary of meetings for Grace Church Alexandria? Nominations are open for all officer roles in preparation for the election of officers at the Annual Meeting that will take place in December. As an elder-led and congregational church, the elders warmly invite the congregation to bring to their attention individuals they believe are gifts to the church for service.

Vacancy in the Treasurer Position

In particular, the treasurer position will be vacant come January 1 as our current treasurer steps down after two years of faithful service (thank you Jen for all you’ve done!).

Nominate Another Member…or Even Yourself

Inform any of the elders of your nomination and why you’re nominating that individual. Feel free to nominate another member whom you think is qualified, or even yourself, so that we know you are interested and available to fill a key role. Self-nominations are not self-serving, for the pastors really do want to know who is genuinely interested in serving!

Pray for God to Provide Christ-Like Officers

Ephesians 4:7-11 celebrates how Christ came giving good gifts to his church, including men and women of integrity to serve his church. Will you pray that the Lord Jesus will raise up members with integrity to fill each role that Grace Church Alexandria needs to function well? Pray for officers who are serving currently to know the mind of the Lord as to whether they should stand for election for another term or take a break from service as an officer.