Why Do Christians Worship Jesus?

Are you wondering why Christians worship Jesus of Nazareth? Do you have questions you’ve been wanting to ask about the credibility of the Christian faith or reliability of the Bible? As Lead Pastor, I invite you to contact our church; we’re glad to explain the Christian faith to you and dialogue with you about the faith. In fact, we’re offering a small group discussion starting up soon called Christianity Explained

Explaining Christianity

This small group introduces you to the message of Jesus in six brief discussion studies in the Gospel of Mark, a biography of Jesus in the Bible. One of our church members and the booklet shown below, Christianity Explained, will be your guide. You can ask any questions that you have—no question is off-limits! Jesus made staggering truth claims and issued incredible promises to his followers. Christianity Explained is a comfortable atmosphere to think through those claims and promises for yourself.

Taking the Next Step

Interested in going through Christianity Explained? Contact me at 703.639.4077 (press 4 to reach the pastoral staff) or email the church staff at info {at} graceofalexandria.org. Consider joining us for Sunday services at 10:30 am as we go through the Bible with an open mind to see what it says for daily living.

The Story

In addition, here is a visual explanation of the gospel, the good news of the person and work of Jesus Christ, that has changed our lives. It’s called “The Story” and it tells how you can find peace with God and enter into an everlasting relationship with him!