What Has Entangled You?

At one time or another, you will feel feel trapped by something and unable to break free. Your trap may be a craving you yield to, a way you wish people would view you, a substance you give in to, a crumbling relationship you don’t believe can improve. You feel trapped.

God has good news for you. He is the God who fixes, repairs, releases, and frees. Through the power of the gospel the Lord is offering you freedom from the trap that you’re in. This is why the Bible says “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery” Galatians 5:1. Last year I memorized this verse to remind myself constantly that God has not only the power but also the intent to set me free.

Trapped: a Roadmap to Freedom

If you’d like a roadmap for walking the Bible’s path to freedom, Andy Farmer’s new book is the perfect guidebook. Trapped, Getting Free from People, Patterns, and Problems shows the way forward out of any trap, whether

  • an eating disorder
  • the approval trap
  • a secret (and illicit) escape
  • a shattered marriage
  • an addiction
  • and more.

Trapped is short, wisdom-packed, and practical. Best of all, Andy points you to the Rescuer Jesus Christ and his powerful gospel that free us from every trap and bring us to the pleasant place of freedom.

Free Copies of Trapped

I’m giving away three copies this Sunday at Grace Church Alexandria in the 10:30 am worship service because Trapped goes right along with the current sermons on the Golden Calf Incident in how Israel was trapped in idol worship. Want a copy for you or a friend? Contact me at info@graceofalexandria.org and I’ll reserve one of the copies to give you this Sunday January 29 at Grace Church.

Trapped: Getting Free from People, Patterns, and Problems
by Andy Farmer
published 2016 by New Growth Press