From Spring to Summer, Grace Church groups come together once a month on a Saturday evening for a communal dinner. The goal for the Salt Shaker Dinners is to meet new people and strengthen our fellowship. These informal dinners take place at the volunteer hosts’ houses.

Host: Guests will be randomly assigned to you each month. As host, you will provide the main dish. You will also coordinate with your dinner group to set a time for the dinner, and to arrange for guests to bring drinks and side dishes.

Guest: The goal is for you attend Salt Shaker dinners with three different host families this quarter. The host will contact you to confirm and ask you to bring either drinks or side dishes. If for some reason you cannot attend the dinner, just let the host know.

Host/Guest: Sometimes you will host the dinners and sometimes you will be a guest at the dinners.

Communal dinner dates this winter and spring are:

January 25
February 25
March 25

Participation in all three dinners is not required; just sign up for the days that work for you.

Sign Up Here.
If you have an account for The City, sign up here for Dinner Groups. Deadline to sign up is Friday January 20th. If you don’t have an account on The City, request access here.