I mentioned the Guilt-free Bible Reading Plan in my New Year’s Day 2017 sermon about the power of delight over duty. Here it is! Its creator, my friend Pastor Dustin Battles, is on to something! This removes the guilt factor from spending time with God in his Word. After all, delight will get us so much farther in living for God than duty ever will.

Dustin says–

I call it a program and not a plan because it doesn’t get you through the Bible in a certain time frame like most plans. You just read as fast or slow as you like and finish when you whenever you finish!

The Bible books are in a mostly chronological (rather than canonical) order, so that you can read it with a rough timeline in mind.

There are 3 boxes for each book to correspond with the 3 times you could theoretically read through the Bible in this way.

I put Psalms and Proverbs in their own category since these are best read at a slower pace than other books.

If you’re thinking about reading through the Bible anytime soon, consider using this!