Conflict in marriage. It’s inevitable. Because a husband and wife are both sinners who need to be changed, even the most sanctified of couples is bound to disagree and experience conflict in their marriage. If marital conflicts aren’t dealt with wisely, they’ll spin out of control and over time devastate a marriage.

So, how do you bring resolution to a conflict? What does God require on your part when you find yourself in an argument? Where do a husband and wife start in unraveling years of hurt and pain that have built up due to unresolved arguments? What hope is found in the cross for restoring a fragile marriage?

Biblical counselor John Hagen of Grace Harbor Ministries gives wise, practical guidance for marriage in a 6-part video series entitled “Conflict Resolution. Each video is just 10 minutes long, and there is a study guide with questions to guide a husband and wife with applying counselor Hagan’s guidance.

I have found these brief videos to be helpful in instructing me in my marriage. I intend to go through this series with my wife Christy to remind us of a solid, biblical foundation for responding whenever one of us sins against the other (usually, I’m the culprit).

Here’s a sample. Take a look at Session 1, The Heart of Conflict

You can wach all 6 videos here: Conflict Resolution in Marriage (6-part video series)

Part 1 – The Heart of Conflict
Part 2 – The Ultimate Conflict
Part 3 – Owning the Offense
Part 4 – Making a Plan
Part 5 – Paying It Off
Part 6 – Release and Resolution

Download the.pdf Conflict Resolution Study Guide