Recently, Pastor Josh Scheiderer preached an insightful sermon that asked, “What does the Bible tell us about germs, illness, and disease?” The death of a member of his church after a ten year battle with Huntington’s led him to ask this question. He combed the Bible from Genesis to Revelation to start build a biblical theology of how we should look at the origin, treatment, and cure of disease in human society. It’s worth listening to!

“Toward a Theology of Disease”–  preached on 3.11.12

Just like Josh did, at Grace Church of Alexandria we often trace themes from the Scriptures: a theology of food, a theology of work, a theology of rest (part 1, part 2). Josh, now a pastor of Bible Community Church in Mentor, Ohio, along with his family was instrumental in getting Grace Church of Alexandria started. I was pleased to listen to this thoughtful treatment of sickness and disease from a biblical perspective and gladly recommend it to you.

Josh Scheiderer, pastor of Bible Community Church