The Psalms are a collection of hymns for God’s people to sing. The melody for the songs has been lost but the words inspired by the Holy Spirit for all ages. I’m grateful for the band Indelible Grace which has put my favorite psalm, Psalm 73, and others to new music. Listening to this psalm sung meditatively has helped me find hope and understanding in the confusing, broken world we live in.

Listen To Psalm 73
It’s worth your time to listen to Matthew Perryman Jones (my favorite singer/songwriter) sing Psalm 73 in the YouTube video below. You can also download the piano and guitar scores for free here. Last week I preached Psalm 73 at Grace Church of Alexandria; the sermon text had sunk deep into my heart because I’ve been meditating on it through the years in song.

Indelible Grace: Pilgrim Days

The album which includes Psalm 73 is called Indelible Grace 2: Pilgrim Days and has been a constant companion for me, pointing me to the LORD as my refuge and rock. You can learn more about Indelible Grace and buy the album here.