Recently our church observed Orphan Sunday to draw attention to the plight of the 163 million orphans worldwide and to put God’s adopting love on display. Our church is blessed to have several families in the process of adopting, and several members who serve in Christian orphan care organizations. It’s our prayer that the believers of Grace Church of Alexandria will be on the front lines of orphan care for God’s glory. Here are several recommended resources to take the next step in learning about and caring for orphans:


The Orphan Crisis
Christian Alliance For Orphans –
Together For Adoption –

The Alliance represents dozens of orphan care organizations as they work together for orphans. The Alliance is hosting Summit VII on May 12-13, 2011, to equip Christians to be carrying out orphan care. Together For Adoption, started by a former pastor of the church helping us as a church plant, holds an annual conference that celebrates adoption as a picture of the gospel.

Adoption & the Gospel
Adopted For Life by Russell Moore
America World Adoption –
Bethany Christian Services –
Abba Fund –
Lifesong For Orphans –

Russell Moore’s book Adopted For Life is the best starting point for orphan care and adoption. In a compelling way, Dr. Moore points to every Christian’s adoption into God’s family as the impetus for adopting needy children into your family. America World Adoption and Bethany Christian Services are gospel-centered adoption agencies we highly recommend and trust. I’ve personally gotten to know the folks from Abba Fund and Lifesong For Orphans, two excellent organizations that provide grants and funds for Christian families to adopt.

Foster Care & Emergency Foster Care
Children’s Services of Virginia –
Safe Familes –

I’ve recently been learning about the opportunity of permanent and temporary foster care for children from broken or impoverished homes. Though I don’t know much about these two organizations, I think they are a good starting point to exploring foster care.

Orphan Sunday
Orphan Sunday –

If your  family or church would like to participate Orphan Sunday in 2011, this is the place to go. This is the official site explaining the rationale for Orphan Sunday and providing a plethora of resources for taking part in that day.

If you know of other organizations that should be included here, please share in the comments below.