Today I’ve been considering how to can explain the glories of the Gospel to young children. How can my sermons be understandable and relate to kids? When we’re teaching a class in GraceKids, our children’s ministry, how can we explain the Gospel in a way that makes sense to them?

Jill Nelson’s talk, “Presenting the Gospel to Children,” has helped me discover simple yet vivid illustrations and clear definitions for “sovereignty,” “the image of God,” “righteousness,” and “sin.” Her talk from the 2007 Children Desiring God Conference provides a wealth of ideas.

For example, you want to teach that God is our “sovereign ruler”? Give the children crayons and tell them to draw and color whatever they want. Then, pick up the box of crayons and put it to your ear. Tell them you hear the crayons insisting they want to be something different than what the child is drawing. But that’s not right–that’s not the way it works, the children will insist! Crayons don’t determine what they should be…the person coloring does that! Presto–you’ve just clearly illustrated God’s right as our creator to rule our lives…in a way that the children will grasp.

To download the .mp3 or her helpful handout, click here, then scroll  down to her talk entitled “Presenting the Gospel to Children.”